July 2006 Field Journal

7.10 Possible breeding Black Oystercatchers
There's a pair of Black Oystercatchers at Heron's Head; they may have or are nesting on the unused pier immediately north of Heron's Head.

7.16 Hooded Warber, Spring Lake Park, Santa Rosa SON
Late this morning, I headed over to Spring Lake Park where Jennifer Rycenega and I found the oversummering HOODED WARBLER, shown below ©2006, Mark W. Eaton:

7.22 Lawrence's Goldfinch - Quail Commons - Presidio, City of San Francisco
This morning, I tried to refind the LAWRENCE'S GOLDFINCHES that Matt Zlatunich found yesterday at Presidio Hills. I didn't find them there, but did refind four individuals, 3 males and one female, at Quail Commons. One male is shown below ©2006, Mark W. Eaton:

Also, there was a female HAIRY WOODPECKER feeding a fledgling at Lobos Dunes, ©2006, Mark W. Eaton:


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