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The birding community lost one of our most selfless members when Luke Cole was tragically killed June 6, 2009 in an auto accident while visiting Uganda. Luke's passion for birds, birding and conservation seemed boundless. Whether he was looking for the near-mythical Red Owl in Madagascar or simply trying to add a new species to his many county lists while traversing back roads in California, Luke's joy in finding and sharing birds was infectious.

To celebrate Luke's life, a group of birders will try to find 400 species of birds within California on September 26 and 27. Here's how you can help. Simply pledge either a fixed amount or an amount per species for the challenge by filling in the form below. We expect around 400 total species for the weekend. After the challenge, we'll follow up with you and direct you to a link directly on the CRPE site where you can enter your credit card information.

UPDATE! Click here to find how California did on the Challenge weekend! Also, you can enter your pledge directly here! In "Gift Information," please type in "Luke Cole/birds" so that the CRPE knows your donation came as a result of the Luke Cole Memorial Challenge.

Luke Cole 1962 - 2009