Minutes of the San Francisco Field Ornithologists’ Meeting

November 6, 2004

Joe & Robbie’s House


Present: David Armstrong, Luke Cole, Hugh Cotter, Mark Eaton, Daniel Edelstein, Robbie Fischer, Alan Hopkins, Lisa Hug, Debi Lamm, Kevin McKereghan, Joe Morlan, Eric Preston, Kathy Robertson, Nancy Shelby, Dan Singer, Martha Steele, Adam Winer.


Call to order: President Eaton gavelled the meeting to order at 6:23 pm.


Reading of the minutes: The minutes of the February 22, 2004 meeting were distributed.  Joe moved that the reading of the minutes be dispensed with, Alan seconded.  The minutes were approved unanimously. 


Treasurer’s report: Luke reported that we have $190.32 on hand, with our only major expense being the web site yearly fee (roughly $84) and the Maltese Falcon trophy if anyone does a record Big Day or Big Year.  He reported that SFFO had 27 paid members for 2002, but only 17 so far in 2004, and noted that several in attendance had not yet paid up  [after the meeting, many in attendance paid their dues, raising our 2004 membership to 25].  


SF Breeding Bird Atlas: No real news.  We are waiting on the completion of the species accounts, which Dan S. reported there are no current plans to get them done.  The species accounts are complete up to warblers, and he is interested in volunteers to assist.  Mark and Luke noted that the online version has already been referred to in Western Birds by Steve Howell.


SFFO Listserve:  Mark reported that things were fine.


SFFO Journal.  The 2003 issue came out 2 weeks ago, way late.  Mark requested help, and David volunteered; Mark will coordinate with David for the ‘04 journal.  April 1 was chosen as the hard date for editorial submission; items in by that time will be published.


SFFO Pelagic:  Mark revisited this favorite topic, for the umpteenth time.  The most recent quote was $2500 for an 18-hour trip from Berkeley aboard the New Goldeneye II.  When Mark scheduled the last trip after the spring SFFO meeting, he did not get any money from the purported participants for the deposit, so the idea was shelved.  Since the decline in sportfishing, more captains and boats may be available.  Mark proposed, and there was loose consensus on, April 15, 2005 for the SFFO pelagic.  He will investigate and report to the membership. 


SFFO Website: Webmaster Eric reported that it is “still running.”  Several updates have been completed recently, including Kathy’s Lake Merced section, but not yet posted.  Adam agreed to investigate WIKI for the site.


SF Christmas Bird Count: Josiah Clark may have negotiated access for CBC counters to the Olympic Club, but Alan needs people to volunteer.  Several people volunteered.


Restaurant reviews: Alan reported that the restaurant he was about to review burned down.


Quail Restorathon: Alan reported that the Save the Quail habitat restorathon would take place November 13, meeting at the Sunset Circle at the north end of Lake Merced.  Nancy suggested that Alan reach out to SF high school, many of which have community service requirements, to secure volunteers.


Adjournment: President Eaton adjourned the meeting at 6:45 by executive fiat.  The membership then enjoyed an evening of outstanding potluck dishes, a smorgasbord of desserts, and then lots of slides.  A fine time was had by all.


                                                                                – submitted by secretary Luke Cole, 11/7/04