Minutes of the San Francisco Field Ornithologists’ Meeting

February 22, 2004

Mark’s House


Present: Luke Cole, Mark Eaton, Brian Fitch, Alan Hopkins, Kris Lewis, John Lewis, Kevin McKereghan, Joe Morlan, David Nelson, Kathy Robertson, Siobhan Ruck, Dan Singer, Mike Skram, Joanne Zlatunich, Matt Zlatunich.


Call to order: President Eaton gavelled the meeting to order at 6:20 pm.


Reading of the minutes: The minutes of the March 30, 2003 meeting were distributed.  Alan moved that the reading of the minutes be dispensed with, Kevin seconded.  The minutes were approved unanimously. 


Treasurer’s report: Luke reported that we have $158.72, with our only major expense being the web site yearly fee (roughly $84).  He reported that SFFO had 26 paid members for 2003, but only one so far in 2004 [after the meeting, many in attendance paid their dues, raising our 2004 membership to 14 thus far].  


SF Breeding Bird Atlas: Mark noted that he was giving a talk on the BBA at Golden Gate Audubon’s meeting on March 12 at Strybing.  All were urged to attend.


SFFO Listserve:  Mark reported that we have over 300 members of SF Birds.  Mark requested help managing the mailing list, and Dan volunteered.


SFFO Journal.  Hugh was commended in absentia for doing an excellent job.  He would like additional help editing the journal; there were no immediate volunteers.


SFFO Pelagic:  Mark raised, again, the perennial topic of an SFFO pelagic, reporting that a deepwater trip could cost betwee $100-120 for an 18-hour trip on the catamaran out of Berkeley, with a break-even point of 22 people.  The membership told tales of their various deepwater experiences, from gobsmacking rarities to extreme nausea.  We have once again missed the chance for this spring.  Joe noted that liability continued to be a concern, and people tried to get Luke to look into it; Luke did not accept this assignment. 


SFFO Website: Alan volunteered to redo the Presidio pages, and someone volunteered Paul Saraceni to do Mt Davidson.  Kevin agreed to do McClaren Park.  Luke requested that the web page be redesigned slightly to make it easier to find the “Where to go birding in San Francisco” pages so that he gets less requests through the site for information on where to go birding in San Francisco.


Restaurant reviews: Still none submitted to the webmaster for publication on our site, but Siobhan recommended LaPlaya Tacqueria on Noriega between 45th and 46th.


WFO hats.  Despite the strong prohibition on official SFFO togs, Joe Morlan was able to get rid of several extra WFO hats.


Adjournment: at 6:40 the meeting was adjourned on Siobhan’s motion, and Luke’s second.  The membership then enjoyed an evening of fine potluck dishes and then lots of slides.  A fine time was had by all.


– submitted by Luke Cole, 4/4/04