Minutes of the San Francisco Field Ornithologists’ Meeting

March 30, 2003

Mark’s House


Present: Stephanie Arthur, Luke Cole, Stephen Davies, Mark Eaton, Robbie Fischer, Les Lieurance, Cindy Lieurance, Susan Masta, Anne McTavish, Joe Morlan, Eric Preston, Kathy Robertson, Siobhan Ruck, Dan Singer, Jay Withgott


Call to order: President Eaton gavelled the meeting to order at 6:17 pm.


Reading of the minutes: The minutes of the October 10, 2002 meeting were distributed.  Les moved that the reading of the minutes be dispensed with, Eric and Dan seconded.  The minutes were approved unanimously. 


Treasurer’s report: Luke reported that we have $137.72 in the treasury and outstanding bills of about $18.00, with our only major expense being the web site yearly fee.  He reported that SFFO had 26 paid members for 2002, but only 19 so far in 2003.  After the reading of the 2003 membership roster, all in attendance who had not yet paid up did so, raising the number of members to 26. 


SFFO Website: Mark reported that he had moved internet service providers because of a doubling in price, and de-coupled the ISP from the web address (sffo.org) in case we need to move again.  He spent a large amount of time doing this, and asked for someone else to take over as webmaster for SFFO.  Luke nominated Eric, Stephen seconded, Eric accepted.


SFFO Pelagic:  Mark raised, again, the perennial topic of an SFFO pelagic, reporting that a deepwater trip could cost under $100 for a 12 hour trip on the catamaran out of Berkeley.  We have missed the chance for this spring.  Joe noted that fall trips run in the past by Ted Koundjakian had turned up rarities, and Mark agreed to look into late fall 2003 and spring 2004 trips.  Mark though that the break-even point on the small boat was about 20 passengers. 


Restaurant reviews: Although none have been formally submitted for the web site, Mark noted that the donut shop at 9th and Judah was “pretty good” and open 24 hours.  Eric also noted that the donut shop at 9th and Irving was “pretty good” and also open 24 hours.


Hawkfinding in SF: There was a brief discussion of this.


Future meetings: Joe and Robbie agreed to host a future meeting of SFFO at their home in Pacifica.


Adjournment: at 6:33 the meeting was adjourned on Joe’s motion, and Jay’s second.  The membership then enjoyed an evening of fine repast and then Eric Preston’s slides of Antartica, Les Lieurance’s videos of Antartica, and Siobhan Ruck’s digital images of Cuba.  A fine time was had by all.


– submitted by Luke Cole, 3/30/03

– unanimously approved by the membership, 2/22/04