The San Francisco Field Ornithologists is officially launched

MINUTES of the September 23, 2000 inaugural meeting

Luke’s House


Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 6:40 pm by convener Mark Eaton, at 561 Hill Street.


Present: Luke Cole, Stephen Davies, Mark Eaton, Harry Fuller, Dan Murphy, Joan Murphy, Richard Redmond


Those present decided that:

·The name of the organization would be the San Francisco Field Ornithologists

·The annual dues would be $5.00.

·The mascot/logo would be the Maltese Falcon.

·A quorum (for the time being) would be 5 members.

·SFFO would maintain an award (the Maltese Falcon statue) to be given to the person with the highest Big Year total, and to the team with the highest Big Day total. Member Fuller noted that he had such a figurine, perhaps to donate to the effort.

·SFFO would keep the official city and county lists for San Francisco City and County

·SFFO would maintain an Internet mailing list to report sightings of interest in San Francisco and maintain communication among its members; with all deliberate speed that mailing list would become advertising free, to be paid for out of dues.

·SFFO would maintain web pages describing birding locations in San Francisco

·SFFO would work to complete the San Francisco Breeding Bird Atlas.

·Mark W. Eaton was elected President.

·Luke Cole was elected Secretary-Treasurer.


Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.


After the meeting, great merriment was had by all.


We also signed up a number of Charter Members of SFFO. Charter members to date (20!): Jan Anderson, Luke Cole, Stephen Davies, Mark Eaton, Katherine Feldman, Robbie Fisher, Harry Fuller, Arlene Gemmill, Alan Hopkins, Susan Masta, Joe Morlan, Dan Murphy, Joan Murphy, David Nelson, Richard Redmond, Allan Ridley, Dan Singer, Mike Skram, Gerry Weinberger, Jay Withgott.


Those wishing to become members should send $5.00 to Luke Cole, 561 Hill Street, San Francisco, CA 94114.


Respectfully submitted, Luke Cole